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The NFL draught in 2023 will take place in a little over a month from now. The 2022 quarterback class was unimpressive and only included one first-round pick; this year’s class seems to be much more intriguing. There is still no clear favourite in the QB1 competition, which is getting more competitive. However, the QB class is very strong.

How do the quarterbacks compare then? In my fifth (and final) edition of the QB Hot Board, a comprehensive list that offers a look at 15 signal-callers, I ranked every passer with a draftable evaluation. Brief analyses of strengths and shortcomings, current draught standings, and even potential team fits will be covered. Here are the current rankings of the top draught-eligible players, though a lot can still change.

Bryce Young from Alabama
Height: 5′ 10″; weight: 204 lbs.
Range predicted: Round 1

Young is a calm dual-threat thrower who approaches every game with the same passion, regardless of how serious the circumstances may be. He has a strong enough arm and can hit the entire pitch with outstanding accuracy. Young is nimble in the pocket and can make throwing windows by moving about outside of a building. His pro day throwing performance highlighted all of his strengths, as he threw the ball with good velocity and showed excellent touch in the deeper areas of the field.

His height of 5-10 will be discussed leading up to the draught. Although shorter passers like Kyler Murray have recently been selected highly, Young’s frame necessitates a different analysis. But up until this moment, he has remained my No. 1 quarterback. In 2022, Young threw for 3,328 yards, 32 touchdowns, and 5 picks. He ended his collegiate career with a tremendous five-TD performance against Kansas State in the Sugar Bowl.

Houston Texans are a possible fit for the team. Davis Mills’ inconsistency forces the Texans to look for a new quarterback. Houston has a lot of draught capital and the No. 2 overall pick, so the new head coach DeMeco Ryans might want to fill the QB1 position right away. The squad would gain a young quarterback with a lot of potential in Young.


2. Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud
6-foot-3 height and 214 lbs.
Range anticipated: Round 1

Stroud has a clean, fluid throwing technique, and his feet are frequently attached to his eyes. He is a smooth distributor. He always seems to have a strategy, which is why I enjoy how he analyses and criticises any kind of news. In one-on-one encounters, Stroud isn’t hesitant to put his trust in his opponents.
He threw for 3,688 yards, 41 touchdowns, and six interceptions while ranking third in the US with an 88.9 passer rating. In the College Football Playoff, Stroud had his best performance, tossing for 348 yards and four touchdowns against a strong Georgia defence. Stroud is a true pocket passer who only ever uses his running skills in emergency situations.When plays don’t go as expected, scouts still want to see him outside of the box a little more. During the stretch run for the Buckeyes, he began to do so.

When throwing at the combine, Stroud displayed three qualities that also fit his Ohio State career: poise, accuracy, and smoothness. One scout who had observed Stroud’s throwing practise in Indianapolis texted, “Everything is natural and in sync with him.” “I believe that because of his [high] floor, he is the best of the bunch this year.”

Each of his throws on his pro day was rhythmic, effective, and accurate. He exhibits all the necessary mechanics and has a fluent throwing action, making him the most in-sync and timely thrower in this draught class.

Panthers from Carolina could be a good fit. The Panthers have built a nest of coaching talent with links to quarterbacks since hiring Frank Reich. Additionally, they have 16-year NFL veteran Josh McCown and former NFL head coach Jim Caldwell, both of whom can aid in the development of a rookie quarterback. Stroud fits the Panthers’ needs and might be the team’s first in-house option at quarterback since selecting Cam Newton in 2011.

3. Florida’s Anthony Richardson
6-foot-4 height and 244 pound weight
Range anticipated: Round 1

When referring to prospects with a lot of positive attributes but negative game film, the expression “boom or bust” is frequently used. Richardson is that. The redshirt sophomore has had a roller coaster of highs and lows throughout his time at Florida, starting just 13 games overall. Due to his erratic decision-making and bursts of inaccurate passes, he had nine interceptions last season and completed only 53.8% of his passes. He had 26 total touchdowns by the end of the 2022 season (17 throwing, nine rushing), and he is a capable rusher with a powerful frame. (654 rushing yards). Richardson easily flicks his wrist to release the ball. But in every way, his game is still in its infancy.

Richardson put on a spectacular performance at the combine, setting QB records for the broad jump and vertical jump (40.5 inches). (10-foot-9). Richardson ran a blistering 40-yard dash in 4.43 seconds, and throughout the throwing portions, his physical abilities and arm strength were superior to those of his competitors. His timing and footwork appeared to have improved, and the ball was released from his hand with controlled velocities. Richardson also took all the necessary steps during his pro day to maintain his top-five standing. He proceeded to give teams optimism that his footwork can get better by showing off his arm strength once more.

Indianapolis Colts may be a good fit for your club. A team that is patient, believes in Richardson as a prospect, and has a stable coaching staff will be essential to his development at the next level. Shane Steichen, the new Colts coach, may be Richardson’s ideal partner after guiding Jalen Hurts’ growth. Indy might emphasise employing Richardson as a rusher and using his powerful arm to take shots downfield. Additionally, the partnership with Steichen may prove fruitful in the future because Richardson need expertise coaching and a successful quarterback developer.


Will Levis, Kentucky, No. 4
6-foot-4 height and 229 pound weight
Range anticipated: Round 1

Levis, a strong thrower with a well-built frame, was already doing many of the tasks required of him at the next level inside the Wildcats’ offence. He frequently used the shotgun and under centre formations, and he performed best when the play-action offensive scheme was used (68.5% completion rate and 9.7 air yards per attempt).

With 2,406 passing yards, 19 throwing touchdowns, and 10 interceptions, Levis had a 2,406 yard season. Turnovers topped his scouting report’s list of disadvantages heading into the season. In all but three of his starts last season, Levis had a fumble or an interception. We’ll be watching for him to cut down on turnovers and strengthen his ball security.

Levis bragged, “I’ve got a cannon, and I want to show it off,” before his combine workout. He hurled the ball with confidence, and his arm strength quickly became apparent on the pitch. However, his arm skill was once more remarkable. Evaluators had conflicting opinions of Levis’ pro day. Moving forward, his biggest concern is still how consistently he can make contact with the ball.His physical attributes rank him alongside Richardson at the top of this year’s crop of signal-callers, and he has already acquired experience with pro-style ideas.


The Las Vegas Raiders could be a good fit. Jimmy Garoppolo was acquired by the Raiders, but Levis had time to grow and learn before being pressed into service later. Coach Josh McDaniels is the perfect person to foster Levis’ development because he possesses all of the physical qualities required for the position. Levis might take advantage of the fact that Davante Adams, Darren Waller, and Josh Jacobs are all elite targets close by.

5. Tennessee’s Hendon Hooker
6-foot-3 in height; 217 lbs.
Range anticipated: Late Day 2.

One of the major ascents of the 2022 season was Hooker, the offensive captain of a high-flying team. He has above-average arm strength, and over the last two seasons, his accuracy has increased. He concluded the season with 3,135 passing yards, 27 touchdown passes, and just 2 interceptions. He is a composed thrower who can read the play and deliver with anticipation. He also has 430 rushing yards and five additional touchdowns, which speaks to his underappreciated running ability. His quick outside the pocket scrambles enable him to capitalise on defensive gaps.

Hooker is a fascinating example because he suffered an ACL tear in his left knee in November. Teams will consider the injury and recuperation in what way? He is anticipated to be ready by NFL training camps, according to the encouraging medical reports we heard about his progress during the combine. Since transferring from Virginia Tech after the 2020 season, Hooker’s career has taken off, but how effective can he be outside of Josh Heupel’s famed offence?

Another thing to keep in mind is that, as a 25-year-old rookie in the NFL, Hooker’s age will undoubtedly come up frequently. Only eight quarterbacks have been drafted at age 25 or older, and only three of those were chosen before the sixth round, according to ESPN Stats & Information’s data.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers might be a good fit for your squad. With Tom Brady having formally announced his retirement, the team’s future at quarterback is in jeopardy. Although Kyle Trask, a second-round pick in 2021, is still unproven, the organisation is keen about giving him a chance to demonstrate that he can be the long-term solution. Baker Mayfield is also not a long-term solution. But given Hooker’s maturity and the roster’s average age, this fit makes a lot of sense. In a competitive atmosphere as opposed to one that is rebuilding, it would be great for him to enter. Hooker’s skill set fits perfectly with the vertical playmakers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin still provide for the Tampa Bay offence.

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