Housing Finance Scheme For Public – PNB Max-Saver

ObjectiveThis variant provides the borrowers advantage of substantial savings on the interest component on account of facility to:Deposit their surplus funds in the overdraft account; and withdraw the same (up to the drawing power) at their choice as per their needs
EligibilityI. Prospective borrower – As per our existing housing loan scheme.II. Existing borrower – Where complete disbursement has been made.The existing Housing Loan borrower desirous of availing loan under the variant be allowed the benefit provided their Housing Loan account is running regular, no outstanding inspection irregularity, complete disbursement has been made & repayment has started in the account.Note: Borrowers which are falling under Commercial Real Estate (CRE) will not be eligible under the said scheme.
PurposeFor all purposes as per details described under Housing Finance scheme except for purchase of land/ plot only.
Nature Of FacilityOverdraft with monthly reducing Drawing Power.
Extent Of LoanMinimum – Rs. 10.00 lacMaximum – Need based as per “Housing Finance Scheme for Public”.In respect of existing Housing Loan borrowers, present outstanding of the loan amount will be taken into consideration for conversion of loan under this variant.
MarginAs per Housing Finance scheme for public.
RepaymentAs per the existing housing finance scheme to PublicDrawing Power on the overdraft will be reduced on monthly basis to the extent of the principal component of the EMI so that the overdraft is liquidated at the end of the loan tenure. Interest will be recovered as and when levied.
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