Top Affiliate Marketing Websites List 2022

If you are into blogging, then knowledge of top performing Affiliate Marketing Websites will boost up your ROI with great margins.

Actually, blogging has become common these days and the majority of the active internet users want to earn money through blogging.

In addition, more than 80% of brands use Affiliate Marketing Programs to widen their reach and sales.

Frankly speaking, earning through blogging was never that easy as it is today but you will have to put everything right if you want to earn a good income from your blog.

Majorly there are two ways to earn money from your blogging; either by selling your products or by affiliate marketing.

Not all of the bloggers have products to sell through their blog, for them, Affiliate marketing is a great option to make money. If you are new to this and are unaware of the term Affiliate marketing then worry not!

Here in this article, we will let you know about all the essentials related to Affiliate marketing and we will provide you with Affiliate marketing websites which you can use to earn money online.

So, first thing first, what is Affiliate marketing?



Basically, it is a very simple concept where you promote other people’s product and to do this you use affiliate networks. If people get to buy products from your marketing then you will end up earning a commission.

If you want to earn money online through your blogs but you don’t have a product to sell then you can promote products that you feel worthy and make money as an affiliate marketer.

‘Revenue sharing’ is the concept behind Affiliate marketing where you earn a piece of profit that the company makes from the sale of that product which you have promoted.

Affiliate marketing is actually becoming a huge industry by providing professional bloggers with an option to earn money online. Numbers of businesses are showing their interest in Affiliate marketing with the passage of time hence increasing the number of opportunities for you as a blogger to make money.

But the most obvious question that all of us will get here is where to start?

Since there are a number of affiliate platforms available on the internet, the selection of the best becomes really difficult. But worry not, here in this article we are providing you with the best affiliate websites which you can use to earn an income online.

Top Affiliate Marketing Websites List

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1. Shareasale

Affiliate Marketing Websites

Shareasale Affiliate

If you are looking for the largest Affiliate networks which is reliable at the same time then Shareasale is one of the best picks for you. It is counted among the largest affiliate networks available on the internet.

With more than 17 years in the business, there are around 4,000 merchants listed on the platform. We can guarantee you that you will get the relevant product for promotion.

The platform offers both digital as well as standard payment options and you can take your payout at 20th of every month if the balance is more than $50. There are hardly any disadvantages of this platform so it is definitely one of the best picks for you.

2. Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify Affiliate Program

The name says it all, you can’t doubt their reliability. Shopify is a reputed platform which is being used by bloggers as well as online retailers for a quite long time.

If you are into blogging then you must be aware of this platform. Shopify is a great platform for selling your products and it can be well used for affiliate marketing as well.

The payout on Shopify is great when compared to other competitors which are a perk with it.

3. Affiliate Window (AWIN)

Affiliate Window Affiliate Program

This is another large platform founded in Germany which can efficiently fulfil your affiliate marketing goals. With more than 13,000 active advertisers and 100,000 publishers.

Most of the merchants on AWIN are from Europe and it is being widely used in more than 10 countries. Since its establishment in 2000 this affiliate marketing company has earned great fame and is highly reliable among its users.

The platform has got a simple user interface which is another reason for its popularity.

4. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associate Affiliate Program

When it comes to reliability and reputation Amazon always stays among the toppers. It is the largest online marketplace where you can get everything. Amazon has something for everyone and that is why it is a great option for affiliate marketing.

If you are looking for best affiliate marketing websites then Amazon affiliate marketing is going to be among the top picks.

You can get up to 10% commission on sales from your promotion hence it is a great platform for bloggers to earn money. With a wide range of products available, you have got a number of options to promote.

5. MaxBounty

Whenever you talk about affiliate marketing websites you can never miss MaxBounty. Though it is a newcomer in the affiliate market when compared to others it has earned a great reputation.

It was founded in 2004 in Canada with the main objective directed towards affiliates.

With more than 1,500 active campaigns this website has earned fame in its short career. You can take weekly payments if the balance is above $50.

6. Clickbank

Clickbank Affiliate Program

A platform is similar to ShareASale which has got a diverse marketplace. There are a number of merchants available on the platform hence you got plenty of options to choose from.

This is another platform which has got something for everyone.

This is one of the best affiliate marketing websites which offers a great opportunity for online bloggers.


7. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate Program

If you ask any person who is into affiliate marketing then there are high chances that they will recommend you to go for CJ Affiliate as this is one of the biggest affiliate platforms available on the internet.

Those who are looking for affiliate marketing websites should consider this one as it is one of the most reputed affiliate platforms. This website has got a large network with a number of advertisers and merchants which provides you with plenty of options to go with.

8. eBay Partners

eBay Partners Affiliate Program

One of the greatest marketplaces eBay is a great affiliate marketing platform for online bloggers. It is one of the best affiliate marketing websites that is reliable at the same time.

Select the product from the list that you want to promote and get paid for your promotion. The diversity of the products on this platform is one of the best features of it.

People keep on selling their stuff on it hence you are never out of options. For the first 3 months, you get a double commission on this website.

9. Viglink

Viglink Affiliate Program

A website specifically designed for online bloggers works efficiently for affiliate marketing.

This affiliate marketing website offers great payout and provides online bloggers with a great opportunity to earn a good amount of money through their promotions.

With a simplified dashboard, it is easy to use a website and anyone can work upon it without any complications.

10. Leadpages Partner Program

Leadpages Affiliate Program

If you are looking for powerful marketing tools then this is among those. One of the best affiliate websites available on the internet can be well used for affiliate marketing.

No matter if you are new or a professional in this field you will love working on this platform. You can get the right audience on this platform which is an additional perk with this website.

You earn a 30% commission on whatever you are able to sell through your promotion.

11. Rakuten Marketing Affiliates

Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Program

In the affiliate marketing websites list this is surely going to be among the toppers because it is a large platform which sells almost every stuff.

You get plenty of options to promote hence the promotion process is more efficient on this platform. Reliability of this platform can’t be doubted as it is an award winning store.

It has a partnership with big brands like NBA so you can definitely rely on it. The platform is easy to use and one can start affiliating through this platform without any complications.


12. JVZoo

JV ZOO Affiliate Program

Since its foundation in 2011, this website has earned the trust of its users. It is considered among the best affiliate marketing website because of its efficiency.

You can get a commission on your sales instantly through different modes which are another unique feature of this website. You can get a number of options on this platform to start promotion. You can even get commission rates up to 50% or even higher.

You can join it for free and if you are going to launch a new product then this is one of the best platforms that can benefit you. The major disadvantage of this platform is that you will have to sell 50 products in order to qualify for instant payouts through PayPal.

13. Tradedoubler

Tradedoubler Affiliate Program

No matter if you are a client or an affiliate this platform will never disappoint you.

There are more than two thousand merchants and more than one hundred and eighty thousand active publishers in connection with this platform, which is definitely enough to prove the credibility and popularity of this platform.

This website has its connections in entire Europe, majorly in the UK.

14. FlexOffers

FlexOffers Affiliate Program

When it comes to faster payments this website excels its competitors by a great margin. They are really quick with their payments. The platform has got a huge network hence you cannot doubt their popularity and credibility.

The website is there for more than 10 years in the affiliate marketing industry. Though they don’t come with breathtaking features as such they are really good at what they are supposed to do.

You can select from a wide variety of affiliate programs divided into different sub-categories which gives flexibility to its users.

No matter if you have a small budget or large this platform has something for everyone. The payouts are not just fast but large as well, you can extend your commission up to 50% of the total earning which is definitely not a small number.

If you are from any other country except the U.S. then you can get your payments via PayPal.

15. Target Affiliates

Target Affiliates Program

If you are a blogger and want a reliable platform to start your earning through affiliate marketing then you can go for selecting this platform. This is much like Amazon’s affiliate platform which is credible as well.

You can sell targeted products through this platform easily and start earning a good income. Popular among Americans this website is also earning trusts from different parts of the world.

You can sell anything you want through this platform which provides you with flexibility. The only I found with the platform is lower payouts. You can extend your payouts up to 80% only which is fairly low when compared to other platforms.

Though this website is much like Amazon’s affiliate platform, the conversion rates are not as high as Amazon’s. No doubt, this website is a great alternative to Amazon’s affiliate platform if you can compromise in terms of payouts.

Final Words

Being a blogger is really an innovative thing to do but earning can become a pain in the neck while blogging. Affiliate marketing is a great option if you are looking to start your earning through blogging.

There are a number of good platforms as mentioned above that are ready to welcome you in this field.

Make your selection wisely depending upon your goals and products you are aiming to sell. We would also suggest you verify the payment mode as in some cases it might not be favourable to you.

Affiliate marketing can fetch you huge income if you are dedicated to it and doing everything as it is supposed to be done.

So this was all about Affiliate marketing and what are the best affiliate websites available on the internet. You can choose from these websites to start your journey of affiliate marketing and earn a good amount by online blogging.

Being an online blogger you must go for affiliate marketing if you want to earn well and passively. These affiliate marketing websites are among the best ones and are reliable at the same time. Promote products and earn well through these Affiliate Marketing Websites.

Affiliate marketing is one of Digital Marketing’s popular types that help people make money online these days. It has become an effective marketing strategy for success in the internet age. Most successful affiliate marketers have acknowledged that their key to success is digital marketing. This certainly portrays that Digital Marketing is good for both marketers as well as individuals.

Joining the Digital Marketing Course will help you dive deep into the world of best Affiliate Marketing Websites List for your business. Plus, you will also learn how to use best Affiliate Websites for optimizing your reach, leads, sales and conversions.

Still having any doubts about the best Affiliate Marketing Websites and related practices then feel free to write in the comments.

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